Vogue Femme Workshop - 5 Elements & Performance - motion*s

Vogue Femme - Five Elements x Performance

  • Samstag, 8. Oktober 201618:00 – 21:30
Unusual Suspects x Come Extra Fly Voguing Session
Vogue Femme Voguing

Come Extra Fly Voguing Session x Unusual Suspects proudly present TYPHOON X LANVIN from The House of Xclusive Lanvin. In the Kiki Scene he is also known as overall Father Typhoon Angels from Rotterdam.

Following – Come Extra Fly – The Kiki Edition – Thursday night, we want to invite yall for a special session on Saturday evening. Typhoon X Lanvin will pass on his knowledge and serve you a 2hrs Workshop focussing on the five elements and your performace as well as a mini ball to improve your battle skills.
A total session of 3,5hrs. Pack your heels, wigs and comfy clothes cause shit‘ s about to go down.

Let’s make love to the floor and VOGUE DOWN together!!!

damage: 15€

yours truly,
Come Extra Fly Voguing Session x Unusual Suspects

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