Vintage Fusion Bellydance Intensive mit Rachael Redfern - motion*s

Vintage Fusion Bellydance Intensive

  • Samstag, 11. Juni 202210:00 – 12:00
  • Samstag, 11. Juni 202214:00 – 16:00

Vintage Fusion Bellydance Intensive with Rachael Redfern (London)

In this intensive we’ll be delving into Rachael’s signature vintage inspired dark and glamorous stylisation, channeling the poise of the vamp vixens of yesteryear for a dramatic expression of Fusion Bellydance designed to ensnare the audience! Taking inspiration from the silent screen sirens and Hollywood femme fatales of the 1920s alongside the glamour and elegance of Egyptian Bellydance’s Golden Era, this intensive will combine their captivating aesthetic with classic yet innovative fusion bellydance technique for an intoxicating mix. We will look at presentation, projection and use of gaze as well as exploring beautiful postcard poses and clean lines all wrapped up in clear, precise technique particular for this style. In the first workshop you’ll learn a beautiful choreography that epitomises this elegant and dramatic presentation, and in the second innovative movements and combinations to inject into your own dancing.

10 – 12 oclock – Choreography & Stylisation 

2- 4 oclock  Technique & Combinations

Open Level (workshops available separately or together)

You are not in Berlin? You can also book this workshop online via zoom.


1 Workshop 40 € / 35 € members & professional card

2 Workshops 70 € / 60 € members & professional card

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about Rachael:

Rachael Redfern is an international fusion bellydance performer and teacher based in London, recognised for her distinctive fusion technique, strong stage presence, captivating choreography work and elegant presentation with dark vintage flair. Having first begun studying Egyptian raqs sharqi and baladi in her early teens, she fell in love at first sight with fusion style bellydance when she saw Rachel Brice and the Indigo perform in her hometown in 2005. Since then, she has devoted herself to intensive training in this style, including as a scholarship recipient of both Zoe Jakes‘ Dancecraft (Key of Diamonds 2018) and Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements (Initiation 2019). She now teaches and performs professionally full time with weekly classes in London and online alongside international workshops and performances including in Germany, Italy, Belgium and the USA. Outside of dance, she also works as a DJ at clubs such as London’s Torture Garden and Subversa.