Special Waacking Foundation Workshop - motion*s

Special Waacking Foundation Workshop

Josepha Princess Madoki*****
  • Mittwoch, 8. November 201720:00‐21:30
House of Melody Anmeldung: registration@thehouseofmelody.com
foundation Whaacking

Special Waacking Foundation Workshop

with Josepha Madoki from Paris  presented by House of Melody & Motions Dancestudio

Price: 15€
♪limited space – email to : registration@thehouseofmelody.com


Waacking, popularized by the American TV show Soul Train, is a dance style created in the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles during the 1970s disco era. Waacking contains elements such as posing, footwork and arm movements to the beat with a strong emphasis on musicality and interpretation of rhythm. It also took inspiration stylistically from Hollywood movie stars such as Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and James Dean. The typical choice of music for Waacking is 70’s Disco and the originators of Waacking were said to have danced to underground Disco music and records imported from various European countries (for example played by DJ Extraordinar Michael-Angelo). Here some of the originators from the 70´s: Arthur Guff, Lonnie Carbajial, Andrew Frank, Billy Goodson, Viktor Manoel, Anna Sanchez, Dewayne Hargrave, Gary Keys, Little Tommy, Abe Clark, China Doll, Micky Lord, Billy Goodson, David Vincent, Angel Ceja, Blinky, Lamont Peterson, John Pickett, Billy Starr Estrada, Tinker Toy and Miss Dallace Ziegler.

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