Masterclass Graham mit Rafael Molina - motion*s

Masterclass Graham mit Rafael Molina

  • Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 202213:30 – 16:00


Rafael Molina is a French Artist, and Graham technique teacher based in Paris. He is the founder and Artistic Director of ‚Graham For Europe‘, a European network and platform dedicated to the work of Martha Graham. He graduated from Sciences Po Paris and the Martha Graham School in New York City, where he performed the Graham repertory with Graham 2.

In 2019, Rafael was funded by the Centre National de la Danse for the research project on Graham educational practices. Therefore, he traveled around the globe and interviewed more than 30 Graham technique instructors and Masters about Graham fundamental principles and concepts. 

Rafael teaches Graham principles through technique, repertory, and composition in various institutions all over Europe. He believes in a modern and innovative pedagogy. His teaching approach respects individual specificities (bodies, histories, abilities) and encourages autonomy.  He creates a safe space for his students to explore their singularities as individuals/artists, in order to unlock possibilities for artistic interpretation.


The course uses the Graham language, a root of contemporary dance, and updates the teaching to contemporary bodies. It is divided into 3 parts with codified exercises: floor, center and across the floor.

The following fundamental principles are introduced:

  • Breath and initiation of movement from the centre through the contraction/release duality;
  • Spinal mobility with spirals;
  • Shift of weight, falls and off balances;
  • Expressiveness.

More than just technique, the course is an exploration, a quest for freedom and artistic growth. It is an introspective and scenic experience at the same time.

Atelier Paris & Italie 2021. Credit Tommaso Giuntini (4)


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