Locking Workshop by Gemini - motion*s

Locking Workshop by Gemini

  • Freitag, 7. April 202315:00 – 16:30

Locking Workshop by Gemini


We are happy to announce that Amigo and Gemini will give a workshop with Q&A on short notice this Friday at our dance school motion*s!



About Gemini

Gemini started dancing very early gro- wing up in the suburb of Paris. Winner of many of the biggest dance battles in the world, he works for many producti- ons and shows. He is the creator of the worldwide dance community „Locking- 4life“, which has the world’s largest com- munity of this style. Gemini is also the artistic director and consultant for many brands, festivals and dance events.



About the Workshop

Gemini’s class starts with soul party steps and progresses into the original locking style followed by various locking styles/flavours that have been developed over the years. Different types of music will be used from Funk to newer grooves. It’s sure to be a high energy and fun class.



Before the Locking Workshop, there will be the Soul Lock Workshop with Amigo at 1pm.
Get more information about the Soul Lock workshop here. If you are interested in both workshops, you can buy a (cheaper) ticket for both directly.
Also there will be an Q&A with both teachers from 5-6pm! Stay and get to know Amigo and Gemini even more!
25€ Singel Class
40€ Doublepack
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