Latent Movement, Contemporary Dance Workshop with Àngel Duran - motion*s

Latent Movement Contemporary Workshop

Àngel Duran*****
  • Samstag, 7. April 201810:30 – 13:30
  • Sonntag, 8. April 201812:00 – 16:00
Contemporary improvisation Zeitgenössisch

Latent Movement, Contemporary Dance Workshop with Àngel Duran

The workshop focuses on the physical practice as well as performance presence. It is divided in two blocks and will take place on 2 days.
On the first day of the workshop we will work with movement improvisations, movement exercises and partnering practice awaking and engaging all our system. The high speed, the intention of the action and the endless possibilities of our motion will be elements to play with. We will potentiate our own tools and store new information in our codes.
On the second day of the workshop our focus will be on the presence and the intention behind the movement. This part is more related to the theatre and our approach as a performers. We’ll work the creativity and the body expression relating it to the movement. We’ll focus the work into the mind speed. How creative we are and how fast can we adapt to new registers.
About Àngel Duran:

Àngel Duran has graduated in Art and Design for the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – Escola Massana and in dance at SEAD (Salzburg, Austria) in the Undergraduate Program – Artist in Process. He is currently working with Anton Lachky company (Brussels) in CARTOON (Price of the Minister of Culture Alda Gréoli 2017) and DOT504/ Anton Lachky’s Family Journey (Prague). He is also member of 4.15 performance platform currently working with Edivaldo Ernesto (Mozambique/Berlin) and Milla Koistinen (Finland/Berlin). 

Besides this he is also developing his own choreographic work (The Beauty of It, Stuttgart International Solo Dance Theatre Festival 2018). 





(2 Tage, insgesamt 7h Unterricht)

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