Isolation - Special Class mit Kathy - motion*s

Isolation - Special Class mit Kathy

Kathy Fleurissaint*****
  • Samstag, 22. April 201717:30‐19:00

Isolation- Movement of one part of the body independently of the rest. Basically isolating one part of your body, which moves, while the rest of your body remains completely still. This is a very useful dance tool to use across ALL styles of dance.

Class Breakdown:Starting off with a follow along warm-up for blood circulation, breathing and body awareness. Followed by a series of isolation exercises breaking down each body part from head to toe. Followed by a brief phrase of choreography to incorporate what was learned during the isolation exercises. Timing, musicality and personal expression will be developed during that time to show off your skills. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer this class is a good way to get more in tuned with your body. Understanding and becoming more aware of the range of motion in your body.

Music will range from Hip Hop beats, House, R&B, to popular songs of today. Different songs will be played, training a dancer’s ear to connect the isolations with the music that is being played.

Class Breakdown:
90mins:20 mins Warm-up/Stretch

30 mins Isolation Exercises

Remainder of class Choreography



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