Inside Extremity Contemporary Summer Intensive Workshop mit Eva Georgitsopoulou - motion*s

"Inside Extremity" Contemporary - Summer Intensive Week

Eva Georgitsopoulou*****
  • Montag, 12. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Dienstag, 13. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Mittwoch, 14. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Donnerstag, 15. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Freitag, 16. August 201911:30‐13:30
Contemporary Zeitgenössisch

Inside Extremity Summer Intensive with Eva

This Summer Intensive Course will be held in english


Inside extremity workshop is a dance process which focuses on creating physical strength and awareness , improvisation ability and personal coordination. While exploring our individuality, we look for clarity, musicality and aim to create body intelligence in order to understand and produce our personal dance material.

It consists of two parts. We start and insist on physical improvisation tasks in order to explore and build movement awareness and physical creativity.

We focus on the spine but we activate the full body aiming to develop ones own movement, musicality and imagination. The improvisation uses technical tasks and plays in between physical availability and limitation. We aim to the transformation of the body through challenging our stamina. Through specific limitations , we look for our own freedom.

The participants are led to explore different qualities of movement and high speed of physicality while being clear with the intention of their bodies. We finish the class with creating a long sequence that combines the tools of the class and uses challenging coordination. We will repeat the sequence with different musics trying to keep the original flow and qualities. The participants will be encouraged to find their own freedom and express themselves individually as performers.


Early Bird until 15. Juli

120 € / 100 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


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135 € / 110 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


single days

33 € / 25 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


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Eva Georgitsopoulou
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