Improvisation & Research Lab mit Anuschka Loose - motion*s

Improvisation & Research Lab mit Anuschka Loose

  • Freitag, 5. Januar 202412:00 – 14:00

Improvisation & Research Lab

This workshop is centered around expanding your own movement language through improvisation tools, experimentation and the exchange with others.
In one section of the workshop I will be sharing tools and concepts I use within my own practice of improvisation. Those are not focused on accomplishing a certain form or style but rather provide a clear physical limitation or intention, in which to relate and experiment with in your own way. Different methods to feedback yourself, learn from each other and encounter different sources that might enrich your own practice will be embedded.

Part of the workshop is a guided jam session, which offers space to explore the shared tools and exchange with other dancers through different formats.

Anuschka Loose

Born and raised in Berlin, Anuschka came into contact with dance at a young age. After being part of the Berlin youth ensemble Academy and graduating from the motion*s dance program in 2020, her strong urge to experience dance through different practices led her to study a BA in Contemporary Dance & Club Street Styles at the FHK in the Netherlands.

Here she started to further develop her own movement language inspired by somatic practices, waving, house dance, gaga technique and physical theater, among others.
Improving the accessibility of dance as a form of expression and self-awareness for a wide range of people is a pressing concern at the heart of her work.

Anuschka is a certified yoga teacher for Ashtanga Vinyasa and a member of TANZEN 3000 Berlin, which organizes dance events and workshops in club and festival settings. She also works as a freelance dancer and is developing her voice as a choreographer through her own work.



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