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Human moves. Floor work & Flying mit Hugh Stanier

  • Sonntag, 25. Juni 202313:00 – 16:00


Developing an understanding of the moving body in relation to gravity, space and to other bodies. Integrating floor-work techniques and Improvisational practices to open new pathways and possibilities through the body. 

From my own experience of training the body over my performance career, this workshop is focused towards finding efficiency and economy in movement in dynamic movement pathways. Drawing on Floor-work and breakdance techniques, Somatics, developmental movement patterns, release based movement, and working with a combination of choreographed exercises & improvisation, we can allow the dancing body to deepen its own innate intelligence.

The classes are Dynamic, highly physical and technically demanding, whilst focusing and encouraging freedom of movement and expression.


Hugh qualified as a TMW instructor in 2015 and has taught the sequence as a stand alone practice, and also uses the core principles of TMW throughout his teaching practice.

My approach to sharing dance practice is on releasing tension from the body and working with fluidity, rhythm and momentum to find economic and efficient ways of moving through space and in and out of the floor. Swimming in the floor and cutting smoothly through the air.

I Approach movement technique from a perspective that focuses on economy  and efficiency of the body. Paying specific attention as to how correct alignment and an embodied understanding of biomechanics can deepen the understanding of the body in movement.

Also allowing the individual to discover their own way of moving through structured improvisation exercises, that encourages openness, flow and presence.

Workshop 49€/40€ for motion*s Members   To book the workshop click here.
Hugh Stanier Workshop Motions Berlin


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