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FUSION BELLYDANCE | Piny Orchidaceae

  • Samstag, 5. März 202214:00 – 17:00
Orchidaceae Tribal Fusion Bellydance

FUSION BELLYDANCE | Piny Orchidaceae

The founder and leader of the famous Orchidaceae Tribe from Lisboa is coming to Berlin.

Catch her live for a three hours workshop.


about Piny and her work

Fusion Bellydance is a dance style difficult to describe and in constant change. It starts with the study of traditional and folcloric styles from north africa and middle eastern dances and their respective fusion and a twist started in the 60’s by Jamila Salimpour in San Francisco and highly popularized by Rachel Brice since the beginning of the 2000’s. It gathers elements of Hip Hop, Flamenco and Indian dance forms and it gives space to each dancer to develop their own approach and style.

My own approach is based on these studies with a strong influence of arm work from Waacking and Vogue as much as the integration of footwork, waving, groove and movement perspective from contemporary dance. 

I founded the company Orchidaceae in 2012 where I fuse and research new pathways for this dance style, always going back to the roots, respecting and acknowledging them.


Dieser Workshop wird nur in Englisch unterrichtet.

Anmeldung erfolgt über den Kurskalender.

Preis 50 € (es gibt keinen Rabatt)