European Runway by Paulah Gorgeous Gucci / Savage - motion*s

European Runway by Paulah Gorgeous Gucci / Savage

  • Sonntag, 2. April 202319:00 – 20:30
motion*s Berlin

About the Workshop

More than a workshop, I really want it to be an exchange.  An exchange between Runway enthusiasts. The idea is to really be focused  on the essentials of what Runway is and has become. A short bit of  history, then the elements of walking – like we do in Ballroom and not  like in fashion show, two different things : hips and legs placement,  pump, arms, body posture, attitude and battle techniques. The goal is to  help everyone to find their Runway persona(s) with the greatest  technique.

About Paulah Gorgeous Gucci / Savage 

Paulah Gorgeous Gucci / Savage is a Ballroom participant, walking the Butch Queen and Butch Queen in Drag Runway categories. Before everything, they are passionate about the history of the Ballroom  scene, past and present, and the art and discipline of Runway. A  sensation of the European Ballroom Scene, they are also evolving in the  fashion industry in Paris. 
After the European Runway Workshop, there will follow the Vogue Fem Workshop with Lucca.
Get more information about the workshop here. If you are interested in both workshops, you can buy a (cheaper) ticket for both directly.
Following the two workshops, there will also be an open voguing session at 10pm, to which all are invited!
1 Workshop Ticket 20€/ 17€ reduced*
2 Workshops Ticket 35€/ 30€ reduce*
    *reduced prices for Queer People, PIPoC, Ballroom Community
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