Black Lives Matter! Empowerment Dance Workshops - Afrotin Fusion - motion*s

BLM Empowerment - Afrotin Fusion

Bella Garcia*****
  • Sonntag, 18. Juni 201715:30‐17:30
House of Melody
African Dance Afrotin Fusion Dancehall Reggaeton

Black Lives Matter –  Empowerment Dance Workshops

As part of the 2017 Black Lives Matter Month House of Melody , MIK FAM, ONE VIBE came together to share Empowerment and create a awareness of intercultural sensitivity through dance. Social artistic expression has always been important in African and African American traditions and created a kind of collective identity, especially in black marginalized communities. Dance can channel an emotion, communicate a message and create a social structure which is based on ancient traditions, movements and rhythms and until today supports individual identity and plays a great role in many communities.


We aim to empower and support people of color

House of Melody , M.I.K. Family, ONE VIBE individually act as Rolemodels and have successfully managed to make their passion to their profession and build community’s which supports individual creativity. In the two hour intensive crew Workshops  give a insight in different Afro Based Dance Styez, Hip Hop / Krump & Voguing and delivers the importance of a community and exchange that connects through dance & music.

Dance Workshops at motion*s

The Workshops are open for everybody who has has a passion for dance and wants get to know dances that have been expression for many oppressed POC in the past/present.  We hope to connect & engage more POC with the existing Urban, Voguing & Afro Dance related Dance Communities in Berlin.


Donation based entrance between 5 – 8 €

The donations will all go to the Black Lives Matter Berlin Team for the BLM protest in June.



Saturday 17th June

18:00 Uhr  – 20:00 Uhr    M.I.K. Family – Krump / Hip Hop / African Dance


Sunday 18th June

13:30 – 15:30 Uhr    HOUSE OF MELODY

Comtemporary Warm Up & Voguing with Mother Leo Melody & Golden Child Melody


15:30 – 17:30 Uhr    ONE VIBE – Afrotin Fusion-  a mix African-Dancehall-Reggaeton

with Bella Garcia, Jay Brooks & Soraida Velazquez Reve



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