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Mit Elvan Tekin
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Elvan is offering the signature BASI flow Pilates sessions. The classes are built on a somatic and continuous flow while zooming into the exercises by giving 110% effort. The Principles are based on introducing, conditioning and engaging the individual body with an emphasis on breathing. Key elements of the class are listening, flow and precision. We avoid putting our bodies in uncomfortable positions or only chasing burning muscles but rather listen to what is natural to our ability and strive for precision while maintaining the flow of the session. Elvan believes in healing and opening qualities of movement that generate flow in the body.
Her goal in a mat Pilates class is to help people find their growth and strength in themselves and their movement.
About Elvan
Elvan was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey. She trained as a rhythmic gymnast which later led her to an education and career as a dancer. She completed the worldwide recognized Body Arts and Science International Pilates (BASI, since 2017) comprehensive teacher training course. She is also a member of the German Pilates Association. She works as a dancer and Pilates teacher internationally and currently based in Berlin, Germany.
Pilates by Elvan


Bitte melde Dich für den Kurs an. Im Kurskalender kannst Du einzelne Termine buchen und bis zu 3h vorher stornieren. Hierfür ist einmalig eine Registrierung nötig. Wenn Du einen Vertrag bei uns hast, ist die Buchung kostenfrei. Sei circa 15 Minuten vor Beginn im Studio und melde Dich am Tresen zum Check-In. Aktuell in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie bitten wir Dich vor dem Studiobesuch unsere Hygiene-Regeln zu lesen. Weitere Fragen beantwortet Dir unser FAQ.

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