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Frantics - Urban Contemporary

Mit Diego de la Rosa, Frantics Dance Company, Danny Hartmann
Mittwochs 20:00 ‐ 21:30
Breaking Contemporary Urban Zeitgenössisch

Diego de la Rosa’s classes are very physical and dynamic. The idea is to start the class with improvisation exercises to warm up while bringing awareness into our own body. Followed by diagonals, the body is used with the goal of getting more possibilities in movement and mobility. During the class, the floor is used as a dance partner, helping us to find and create more possibilities and space between each other.

His biggest interest during his class is to enable people to get as many possibilities by trusting their own bodies and letting free the mind rather than thinking too much.


Influences and Inspiration – Frantics Dance Company

In general, the sequences are mainly inspired by breakdance, hip-hop, experimental and contemporary, but also by martial arts, acrobatics and gaga. Diego never hesitates to add his own style and to use material that he works with his company „Frantics“.


Dozent Tanz Diego de la Rosa - Urban Contemporary
Diego de la Rosa
Contemporary, Hip Hop Experimental, Breakdance
Fester Dozent
Contemporary Fusion Hip Hop Urban Dance
Frantics Dance Company
Urban Contemporary
Tanzkompanie / Crew
Breakdance Contemporary Urban Dance
Danny Hartmann
Contemporary Zeitgenössisch

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