Windstyle Workshop - Summer Intensive 2017 mit Aragorn Boulanger - motion*s

Windstyle - Summer Intensive Week

Aragorn Boulanger*****
  • Monday, 21. August 201713:00‐16:00
  • Tuesday, 22. August 201713:00‐16:00
  • Wednesday, 23. August 201713:00‐16:00
  • Thursday, 24. August 201713:00‐16:00
  • Friday, 25. August 201713:00‐16:00
Liquid Waving Windstyle

Windstyle / Liquid Waving Workshop with Aragorn aka Bishop


AragoRn a.k.a BishoP, will share his development of waving, through what’s called «WindStyle».
This technique is based on three principles used to explore and master the circulation of movement through, and inside the physical body. The necessity is to liberate something bigger, being traversed by the elusive and the invisible. We will work to be crossed rather than being the initiator of the movement. It will be all about listening, and being in an attention, to let resonate even the smallest movements. Dancers will get a new instrument to draw and feel undulations, limitless. Each and everyone will have the opportunity to feed his own dance with this vocabulary and use it to express his own energy.

Book Ticket Online


150€ – Early Bird until 21st July

160€  – motion*s members (with contract) (tickets only available in our studio, cash only)

170€  – normal price


You can pay cash on our desk in our studio or you can buy a ticket online on Eventbrite (+ a little booking fee). There is a limit of 30 spaces.

Aragorn Boulanger aka Bishop - Windstyle, Waving
Aragorn Boulanger
Performer, Choreographer
Guest Teacher
Liquid Waves

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