Voguing Styles - Intensive Week

Georgina Leo Melody*****
  • Monday, 7. August 201714:00‐16:00
  • Tuesday, 8. August 201714:00‐16:00
  • Wednesday, 9. August 201714:00‐16:00
  • Thursday, 10. August 201714:00‐16:00
  • Friday, 11. August 201714:00‐16:00
New Way Old Way Vogue Fem Voguing

Voguing Styles – Summer Intensive Week mit Mother Leo Melody

This Summer intensive Voguing Workshop focuses on the understanding of different dance styles and Categories in Voguing/ Ballroom such as  Vogue Fem, New Way, Old Way and Runway. Each day a different element or Style of vogue will be in focus and explored during the two hours, such as Posing, Handsperformance, Duckwalk, Spins & Dips, Catwalk and Floor Performance. From basic technique drills, small combinations, conceptual exercises as well as freestyle tasks – this this summer is going deep in Vogue!!!!

Next to the understanding for this complex Culture and Dancestyle, fun, empowerment and to chance to express yourself with the different tools that voguing offers are main focus of this Summer intensive Workshop.You do not have to attend the whole intesive Week in order to follow individual daily classes!!
If you want please feel free to bring high heels with you for Runway or vogue fem.


Voguing, commercialy known through Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ or recent artists like Rihanna and Beyoncè, is a dance style/art form which has been developed in the 1960’s within the Black, Latinx and Gay Ballroom Scene of Harlem/New York. Deeply rooted in New York’s LGBT community, Voguing and the Ballroom Culture took a journey through underground clubs in the U.S. and Europe and developed its own Ballroom Scene internationally. Voguing is inspired by the fashion magazine Vogue and its High Fashion Poses and Runway Walks and adapts many traditions from the American Drag Competitions.

Old Way

Old way, formerly also know as pop dip & spin or performance, is the first voguing style which was base for the development of the stylez new way and vogue fem. It is characterized by the formation of lines, symmetry, and precision in the execution of formations with graceful, fluid-like Movement. Egyptian hieroglyphs, Martial Arts, Breakdance, Popping, Military Style and male fashion poses serve as the original inspirations for old way voguing. In its purest and historical form voguing of the old way it is a duel between two rivals and the base for new way and vogue fem performance.

New Way

New Way is inspired by Poses from yoga and haute couture fashion, and geometric shapes that are created with the Body.  The Style is characterized by its precision while creating  angles, boxes, lines and illusions with the arms, wrists and hands (similar to tutting). New Way is faster than Old Way and Performers of this category  use tricks,  flexibility and extreme poses inspired by contortionists, gymnastics.

 Vogue Fem

Vogue Fem is based on old way performance and embodies an extremely feminine appearance and movement. The influences take a wide range from Modern Dance, Ballet, Figure Skating and Pantomime. There are two characteristic dynamics in the presentation of this style: “dramatic” – very fast with impressive tricks and twists and the style “soft & cunt” that emphasizes the grace and beauty of women by rather slow movements .


Waacking, popularized by the American TV show Soul Train, is a dance style created in the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles during the 1970s disco era. Waacking contains elements such as posing, footwork and arm movements to the beat with a strong emphasis on musicality and a theatrical connection and interpretation of rhythm. Waacking is based on social and funk/soul dances from the african American Communities, inspired by Jazz Dance and stylistically influenced by Hollywood movies and  movie stars such as Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and James Dean. The typical choice of music for Waacking is 70’s Disco / Funk and the originators of Waacking were said to have danced to underground Disco music and records imported from various European countries (for example played by DJ Extraordinar Michael-Angelo).

Here some of the originators from the 70´s: Arthur Guff, Lonnie Carbajial, Andrew Frank, Billy Goodson, Viktor Manoel, Anna Sanchez, Dewayne Hargrave, Gary Keys, Little Tommy, Abe Clark, China Doll, Micky Lord, Billy Goodson, David Vincent, Angel Ceja, Blinky, Lamont Peterson, John Pickett, Billy Starr Estrada, Tinker Toy and Miss Dallace Ziegler.

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voguing masterclass mit Georgina Philp aka Mother Leo Melody of House of Melody
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