Vogue Fem Workshop by Lucca Louboutin - motion*s

Vogue Fem Workshop by Lucca Louboutin

  • Sunday, 2. April 202320:30 – 22:00

About the Workshop

We will address basics of vogue femme and it’s elements, body understanding, performance and physical conditioning to avoid injuries during the maturing process of vogue femme performance. I believe it will be an enriching exchange of knowledge for both sides and I am looking forward to this exchange!

About Lucca Louboutin

My name is Lucca and I’m 26 years old. I started my career in dance when I was 14 with jazz and urban dances. In this process I did several  other styles until I found Voguing – where I found myself and fell in  love with the culture(Ballroom).  
Directly before the Vogue Fem Workshop, there will be a European Runway Workshop with Paulah.
Get more information about this workshop here. If you are interested in both workshops, you can buy a (cheaper) ticket for both directly.
Following the two workshops, there will also be an open voguing session at 10pm, to which all are invited!
1 Workshop Ticket 20€/ 17€ reduced*
2 Workshops Ticket 35€/ 30€ reduce*
    *reduced prices for Queer People, PIPoC, Ballroom Community
Kursbilder Lucca Vogue