Urban Contemporary Workshop - Teens 12-18 years - motion*s

Urban Contemporary Winter Intensive (Teens age 12-18)

Lena Strützke*****
  • Thursday, 2. January 202012:00‐14:00
  • Friday, 3. January 202012:00‐14:00
  • Saturday, 4. January 202012:00‐14:00
Choeografie Contemporary Hip Hop Teens Workshop

Urban Contemporary Workshop for teenagers age 12 to 18

This workshops focus is choreography. Lena will work on mastering a choreography with you that combines elements from urban dance forms such as hip hop, house or dancehall with movements and expressions from contemporary dance. There is no dance experience needed to take this workshop. Still people with dance experience will be challenged.

What is urban Contemporary?

Urban Contemporary is a fusion of urban dance forms and contemporary dance. Contemporary Dance is the category for the dance and movement currently represented on theatre stages worldwide. Apart from dance technique there is a strong focus on expressions of emotions as well as storytelling through movement and dance. Urban Dance combines a huge variety of dance styles that were mainly created and danced in big cities. Amoung others styles such as streetdance, hip hop, house dance and dancehall. Here it’s all about feeling the groove and creating your own dance style in Freestyle Sessions, that are also known as Improvisation in contemporary dance.

Today in modern stage productions and music videos these styles merge together more and more. You might have seen urban contemporary movements in theatres, music videos or even tv shows and commercials.


3 days / 2 hours per day
50€ regular / 40€ for contract members of motion*s
It’s not possible to book single days.



This workshop is held in german language. Though Lena speaks english well and can also answer questions and correct you in english if needed.



You can register and pay in cash at the front desk at motion*s dance studio. You can also fill out the registration form below and we’ll ask you to wire the money to our account.

Lena Strützke
Regular Teacher
Contemporary Hip Hop Kindertanz Modern Lyrical Zeitgenössischer Tanz



Language of instruction

Workshop Registration

Please register for the workshop in advance. Your spot is saved once we receive your payment. You have 2 options for that:
1) Register and pay in cash at the studio’s reception (can be done short notice)
2) Register using our contact form below and pay via bank transfer (please register 5 days in advance)

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