Urban Choreography Dance Workshop mit Carmel Köster - Summer Intensive 2018 - motion*s

Urban Choreography (Intermediate) with Carmel Köster - Summer Intensive Week

Carmel Köster*****
  • Monday, 6. August 201814:30 – 16:30
  • Tuesday, 7. August 201814:30 – 16:30
  • Wednesday, 8. August 201814:30 – 16:30
  • Thursday, 9. August 201814:30 – 16:30
  • Friday, 10. August 201814:30 – 16:30
Urban Dance

Urban Choreography Workshop (Intermediate) with Carmel Köster – Summer Intensive Week


This 5 day long Urban Choreography Dance Workshop with Carmel is a high energy dance class accompanied by great music and a fun attitude.

Urban choreography is not a style per say but more of an umbrella of a name to host various styles from hiphop to popping and voguing. Carmel’ s background as a dancer is very broad and she enjoys sharing all of her knowledge with her students thus not necessarily sticking to just one style.

The first half of the class is for warming up and working on various techniques and foundational moves that will improve your skills in hiphop, popping, even some elements of voguing such as grooves and isolations.

The second half of the class will be devoted to learning a choreography and performing it. Over the course of the week long intensive we will be learning two different choreographies to showcase the various moods and energies within these spectrum of styles.

Music Playlist: https://soundcloud.com/carmel-koster/sets/move-yr-booty





2 hours a week for 5 days
145,- € Regular
29,- € Single Workshop Days

Discounts for members, professional card holders, employees/instructors:
125,- € Regular


Special Price
If you take part in more than one of our Intensive Weeks, you will receive the second Intensive Week at the Early Bird price.



Please register at least 7 days before the beginning of the workshop.
If there are fewer than 10 registered participants, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop. To avoid this happening, we ask for a fixed registration in advance.

You can register and pay in the following ways:

1) Register and pay in cash at the studio’s reception
2) Register using our contact form below and pay via bank transfer
3) Book tickets online with Eventbrite (with an additional fee)


Carmel Köster
Contemporary Dance
Regular Teacher
Contemporary Voguing Waacking



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