Tribal Fusion Layering - Workshop for advanced beginners to intermediate level - motion*s

Tribal Fusion Layering

Leila Matzke*****
  • Saturday, 28. December 201916:30‐18:30
Bellydance Layering Tribal Fusion Workshop

Tribal Fusion Layering – Workshop for advanced beginners to intermediate level

Layering is an essential part of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, where the dancer moves different body parts independently but at the same time. Kind of like playing the drums, when each of your feet and arms play a different rhythm simultaneously. In this workshop we will explore the different techniques of layering. What options do I have? Which body party can I layer? What happens in my body and in my head? How can I practice layering at home? Together we will answer these questions and drill, drill, drill! This workshop is aimed at those who already have some (basic) experience in layering and who want to improve their technique.

Get ready for a workshop that will challenge you both mentally and physically.


Advanced Beginner – Intermediate



1 Workshop 18,- € / 15,- € contract members, dance & basis program, team
4 Workshop Intensive Pack 60,- €*50,- € contract members, dance & basis program, team

*In total there will be 7 Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workshops between December 27th and 30th. 3 workshops each for beginner and intermediate level as well as one workshop with open level that is very interesting and helpful for bellydancers of all levels.

Leila Matzke
Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Pilates, Yoga
Regular Teacher
Belly Dance Bellydance Pilates Tribal Fusion



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