Senegalese Afro-Dance & Hip-Hop Workshop by Aly & Ibrahima - motion*s

Senegalesischen Afro-Tanz & Hip-Hop Workshop by Idolboyz

  • Sunday, 23. July 202313:00 – 16:00

About the Workshop

Idolboyz (Aly Johnson & Ibrahima Ndiaye) offer a workshop in which participants learn movements that combine Senegalese Afro-dance and Hip-Hop. Moves will be learned in successive exercises, and in the course of the workshop they will be combined into sequences. The joy of movement is in the foreground, the workshop is open to all levels.

About Idolboyz

Aly and Ibrahima are professional dancers from Thiès, Senegal, who have given themselves the name ‘Idolboyz’ as a dance collective. They work in the independent scene, direct and produce their own pieces and have developed a dance pedagogical concept with which they teach in schools as well as in cultural centers. Their style is influenced by their hip-hop background, their desire to use dance to show people new perspectives, and to explore socio-political and controversial issues through their productions. In their movement language they combine traditional Senegalese dances with hip hop. For several years in a row they won the Senegalese dance competition ‘SunuTalent’.



20€/ 25€ / 30€ – depending on how much you can afford

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