Move with M.I.K. Urban Dance Workshop (Intermediate) - Summer Intensive 2018 - motion*s

Move with M.I.K. Workshop (Intermediate) - Summer Intensive Week

M.I.K Family*****
  • Monday, 23. July 201814:30‐16:30
  • Tuesday, 24. July 201814:30‐16:30
  • Wednesday, 25. July 201814:30‐16:30
  • Thursday, 26. July 201814:30‐16:30
  • Friday, 27. July 201812:00‐14:00
  • Friday, 27. July 201814:30‐16:30
Freestyle Fusion Hip Hop House House Dance Krump Lite Feet Urban Dance

MOVE WITH M.I.K. FAMILY Workshop (Intermediate) – Summer Intensive Week

This 5-day intensive urban dance workshop with the M.I.K. Family is aimed at all dancers who already have experience in urban dance and the desire to spend a week devoting themselves to a different style every day.

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MON, 23.7: Krump with Prince
Krumping is a very fast, expressive freestyle dance that basically consists of “stomps” (pounding), “chestpops” (swiftly flicking the chest), and “armswings” (swinging the arms). There are also so-called “groundmoves” that take place on the ground, but are very different from breakdancing, and “puzzles” that are reminiscent of the tutti dance style. The Krump dancers tell stories with their movements, which is also called “taunts”.
This impressive way of dancing is often interpreted as a release of frustration created by the perceived unfair social ills. The founders of Krump themselves (Tight Eyez, Big Mijo, and others) and most of the dancers see Krumping as a street version of prayer, thus suggesting their dance as a form of worship/praising of God.
TUE, 24..: LiteFeet with Dennis
LiteFeet is a dance style that originated in Harlem, New York at the end of the ‘90s. Pioneers are personalities such as AG The Voice of Harlem, Chrybaby and Mr. Youtube. The dance was born from a mixture of different social dances like the Harlem Shake, Chicken Noodle Soup and Tone Whop. Over time, the dance has become more and more technical and footwork-heavy because of the battle scene, which has strongly influenced style with energetic combos and blow-ups. The music is fast and energetic and mostly uses samples from other songs.
In this workshop, you will learn typical steps and combos of LiteFeet and explore the different styles that have influenced it.
WED, 25.7.: Hip-Hop Freestyle with Richie
In his Hip-Hop style, Richie has a particular sense of rhythm and creativity, enhanced by a mix of soft and hard physical work. The fun of dancing is in the foreground.
THUR, 26.7.: House with Gifty
The dance style “House”, also known as “Jacking” (Jacking is the name for the “Basicmove” in house dance), developed in the late ‘70s under the influence of the disco and funk era on the east coast of America. He was recognized in the club scene only in the ‘80s and established his own style, comparable to ballet or jazz.
House is strongly influenced by other styles like Tap Dance, Salsa, Capoeira, Africandance and Hip-Hop. Footwork is very important here, but the dance also involves a lot of soft and relaxed movements. In the House Class, Gifty will teach you the basics of Jacking, Footwork and House Feeling.
There are also elements from Afro, Tap, and Salsa Dance on the schedule.
FRI, 27.7. Choose from:
12:00-14:00 Krump + Hip-Hop Freestyle Fusion Session with Prince and Richie (mixed level)
14:30 – 16:30 Lite Feet + House Fusion Session with Dennis and Gifty (mixed level)


5 days of 2-hour workshops

115, – € Early Bird until June 21st (12:00)
135, – € regular

Discounts for contract members, professional card holders, motion*s staff/instructors:

100, – € Early Bird until June 21st (12:00)
115, – € regular

Discount prices only in cash in the studio at the counter!

Special Deal
If you book more than one Intensive Week with us, you will receive the second Intensive Week at the Early Bird price.


Please register at least 7 days before the start of the workshop. You have the following options:
1) Registration and cash at the counter in the studio
2) Registration via our contact form below and payment by bank transfer
3) Book tickets conveniently online with Eventbrite (for a fee)


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