Lyrical Jazz - Summer Intensive with Selma Hoffmann - advanced beginners - motion*s

Lyrical Jazz - Summer Intensive

Selma Hoffmann*****
  • Monday, 19. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Tuesday, 20. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Wednesday, 21. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Thursday, 22. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Friday, 23. August 201914:00‐16:00
Jazz Lyrical

Lyrics Jazz for advanced beginners with Selma Hoffmann

In lyrical jazz we use expressive movements to interpret emotional songs. This five days long workshop with Selma Hoffmann is adressed to everyone with prior knowledge of jazz dance or classical dance as ballet. You should have an understanding of Pliés, Fondues, Contractions, Releases, Falls and Pirouettes.
It is important to Selma to give the participants time to get to know the song and its lyrics properly in order to be able to express the emotions through their movements and thus give it their own interpretation.

Selma will teach 2 different choreos and will spend 2 days teaching each chore. On friday both choreos will be repeated.

Class Structure

10-15 min Workout to warm up all the muscles
10-15 min Floor Barre and Stretch excercises
40 min Technical part with elements of classical dance like Pliés und Tondues aufgebrochen combined with jazz elements like Contractions and Falls. We’ll also practice jumps and turns in the across the floor
40-60 min Lyrical Jazz Choreography.


Early Bird until July 19th 2019

130 € / 110 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


after Early Bird

145 € / 120 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


single days

33 € / 25 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff

Kurs Jazz bei Selma Hoffmann im Tanzstudio motion*s
Selma Hoffmann
Lyrical Jazz Dance
Regular Teacher
Jazz Lyrical



Language of instruction

Workshop Registration

Please register for the workshop in advance. Your spot is saved once we receive your payment. You have 2 options for that:
1) Register and pay in cash at the studio’s reception (can be done short notice)
2) Register using our contact form below and pay via bank transfer (please register 5 days in advance)

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