High Heels (Open Level) with Sonia Bartuccelli - Summer Intensive Workshop 2018 - motion*s

High Heels Dance - Summer Intensive Week

Sonia Bartuccelli*****
  • Monday, 24. September 201814:00‐16:00
  • Tuesday, 25. September 201814:00‐16:00
  • Wednesday, 26. September 201814:00‐16:00
  • Thursday, 27. September 201814:00‐16:00
  • Friday, 28. September 201814:00‐16:00
High Heels

High Heels Workshop with Sonia Bartuccelli

After a warm up, we learn to perform groovy and pulsating movements skilfully in high heels, so that the heart beats faster. Dancing in high heels makes us feel sexy and helps us to perform well in everyday life in high heels. This style from the U.S.A. deals with the lines of the body, the maturity of the movements and focuses on self-confidence and sensuality.


German & English


2 hours a week for 5 days
145,- € Regular
125,- € Early Bird till September 1st
29,- € Single Workshop Days

Discounts for members, professional card holders, employees/instructors:
125,- € Regular
100,- € Early Bird


Special Price
If you take part in more than one of our Intensive Weeks, you will receive the second Intensive Week at the Early Bird price.



Please register at least 7 days before the beginning of the workshop.
If there are fewer than 10 registered participants, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop. To avoid this happening, we ask for a fixed registration in advance.

You can register and pay in the following ways:

1) Register and pay in cash at the studio’s reception
2) Register using our contact form below and pay via bank transfer
3) Book tickets online with Eventbrite (with an additional fee)

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