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High Heels Workshop Intermediate

  • Sunday, 29. October 202310:00 – 14:00

About the workshop

This high heels workshop is going to be a 4 hours experience through conscious warm-up and mindset preparation, technique basics, across-the-floors, choreography and a final releasing cool down. The goal of this workshop is to dive deep into the high heels discipline starting from  drilling some basics to gradually combining those with performance practice, building up all the necessary elements to then finally focus on choreography. This is going to be intensive, so highly suggested to dancers who have already some experience with the discipline and feel ready to give themselves the chance for a 4 hours push through. Nevertheless creating a safe space where everybody feels free to learn, grow and connect is always the main thing for me.


About Marty

I am Martina but all know me as Marty. I come from Italy where I mostly got my dance education of approximately 15 years between Ballet (mainly R.A.D. Method) and Modern- Contemporary. In the last years my dance journey has been changing direction toward Jazz and Urban styles, High Heels and Commercial, which inspired me to expand even more my knowledge and experience by finally moving to Berlin about 2 years ago. Here I had the chance to grow not only as a professional dancer but also as a teacher; to be part of Showdancer for two Dinner Shows and to join for a period of time the Pure Heels Company by Denny Penninzula. In parallel to my career as a dancer, I also got the chance to undertake a university path and graduate from the faculty of psychology which led me to specialize myself as a Mindfulness Coach time after. This experience gave me a way deeper knowledge and understanding of the psychological dynamics behind the dance field encouraging me to combine my two career paths in order to guide dancers through a healthier and mindful approach to the discipline.
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