High Heels Summer Intensive with Carmel Köster - motion*s

High Heels Summer Intensive

Carmel Köster*****
  • Monday, 26. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Tuesday, 27. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Wednesday, 28. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Thursday, 29. August 201914:00‐16:00
  • Friday, 30. August 201914:00‐16:00
High Heels High Heels Choreography

High Heel Summer Intensive

Own your Walk! Own your dance! Own your Heels!


The High Heels Summer Intensive will focus on body presentation in heels.

Finding elegance, poise and sensuality in your movement as well as training lines and footwork. 

The first half of the class will be without wearing heels – focusing on a warm up similar to one in a jazz class. We will train flexibility, stamina and feet.

The second half will be training walks and turns in heels across the space and the last section will be for learning choreography.

The first half of the week we will be training more technique as the second half of the week will be focused on performance and picking up choreography. 

Participants are welcome to join in for one off sessions but will of course benefit a lot more by taking the whole week or multiple classes as we will analyze and train a lot of technique in the beginning of the week which is fundamental to really mastering movement in high heels. 

It looks a lot easier than it is 😉


advanced beginner and up


Early Bird until 20.07.

130 € / 110 € for motion * s contract members, professional card, faculty and staff


after the early bird

145 € / 120 € for motion * s contract members, professional card, faculty and staff


Single days

33 € / 25 € for motion * s contract members, professional card, faculty and staff

Even though the week will be a continuous process, the booking of single days is possible. The dancers then join the ongoing process.

Carmel Köster
Contemporary Dance
Regular Teacher
Contemporary Voguing Waacking



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Please register for the workshop in advance. Your spot is saved once we receive your payment. You have 2 options for that:
1) Register and pay in cash at the studio’s reception (can be done short notice)
2) Register using our contact form below and pay via bank transfer (please register 5 days in advance)

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