Fusion Belly Dance - Summer Intensive

Lia Pavlidis*****
  • Monday, 28. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Tuesday, 29. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Wednesday, 30. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Thursday, 31. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Friday, 1. September 201712:00‐14:00
Belly Dance Fusion Tribal Fusion Urban

Fusion Belly Dance – Summer Intensive

This five days dance workshop will be based on fusion belly dance technique with a taste of different urban dance styles, and a wide range of pop, contemporary and some more spices and sweets from all over.

4 of the 5 days are dedicated to one of the four elements

Day 1 – Element Earth: hip work and core work
Day 2 – Element Air: foot work, arms and turns
Day 3 – Element Fire: staccato & Vibration (Shimmies)
Day 4 – Element Water : liquid and wavy chains
Day 5 – Choreography
That means that you will be be able to chose the workshops one by one. But we recommend you take the full package!

It will be full of groovy, snaky, flowy movements with alot of attitude and playfullness . Each class will end with a short sequence or a small choreography to play with.

In the Workshops we will focus on
  • isolations | technique basics
  • transparence and softness in the body
  • deepn your skills and qualities
  • interpretation | expression of music and movement
  • expanding your individual style
  • group work | improvisation


125€ – Early Bird until July 28

145€  – normal price

125€  – motion*s members (with contract, tickets only available in our studio, cash only)

100€ – motion*s members Early Bird (with contract, tickets only available in our studio, cash only) until July 28

You can pay cash on our desk in our studio or you can buy a ticket online on Eventbrite (+ 5% booking fee). Spots are limitd to 30.


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Lia Pavlidis
Creative Director Dance Program
Regular Teacher
Belly Dance Tribal Fusion

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