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"Encounters" collaborative research project - Intensive Week

Laura Kremser*****
  • Monday, 31. July 201712:00‐14:00
  • Tuesday, 1. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Wednesday, 2. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Thursday, 3. August 201712:00‐14:00
  • Friday, 4. August 201712:00‐14:00
Contemporary Zeitgenössisch

 „Encounters“  collaborative Research Projekt

„Encounters“ take place every day. An encounter is a meeting of people and happens with different intentions, emotions or qualities. For example:

  • at the side, shy or by chance but interesting
  • ignoring or hiding
  • by chance but known or planned and wanted
  • flirty, e.g. in a club or at the first date
  • extremely uncomfortable, dangerous or aggressive
  • where single persons meet groups or groups meet single persons like walking in a big city such as New York or Berlin

Where, when and who do you meet? How does it look like? How can you express it with movements? These are questions that will be tried out, investigated and put together as single stories in the research (using single, partner and group work). By a given improvisation of questions and pictures the dancers will become more and more abstract in their acting. The improvisation leads us more and more to fixed movements. Through the mix of my material and the free interpretation of every dancer there will be created an outline for a whole piece.

What I like to transfer to my dancers:
  • As a dance student you maybe dance a lot of styles in different classes. I like to invite you to integrate all of them into my workshop and to discover together with other dancers and me new, unknown and exciting connections: with rhythm and musicality.
  • Maybe you become loud, animalistic even if you are used to react quiet and grazile.
  • I like to give you the space for discovering your own movements in a new way and work on them.
  • Be my co-choreographer and help me to give our piece an unique character.
For who is the class?

For dancers from 18 years old with dancing experience like an intermediate bringing with them:

  • interest and knowledge in different dancing styles
  • interest in mixing up different styles
  • Like to use facial expressions, language and expressive movements
  • Being excited to discover your own dancer inside you and to bring ideas in for the choreo
Which elements oder special techniques will be transferred?

Dance theatre, contemporary, improvisation. The repertoire will be completed by improvisation ideas through leading questions with single, partner and group work and create out of it a special choreography. Short combinations created by me will be used as connection elements between the different styles and parts.

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115€ motion*s members


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Laura Kremser
Laura Kremser
Zeitgenössischer Tanz, Pädagogik
Guest Teacher
Contemporary Fusion Zeitgenössisch

Diese Musik wird uns begleiten

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