Dancehall & Twerk Summer Intensive with Anet Antosova - motion*s

Dancehall & Twerk Summer Intensive

Anet Antosova *****
  • Wednesday, 7. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Thursday, 8. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Friday, 9. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Saturday, 10. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Sunday, 11. August 201911:30‐13:30
Dancehall Twerk

We are very proud to bring the international known power Lady exclusively to Berlin for a whole week!

The whole world knows the queen of Czech Twerk thanks to her femininity and energy; however, she specializes in Jamaican Dancehall as well.

Anet always gives 200 % and has her own very feminine Twerk & Dancehall Fusion Style, that she is more than ready to share with us.


“Struggling with self-confidence & self-love? In that case, you shouldn’t miss my Dancehall, Twerk & Fusion Choreo Intensive week. You learn not only new technics, tricks, how to control your body in sensual and flow choreographies, but mainly how to love yourselves the way you are! Female Power Energizer.”

Anet works with the energy of the group and welcomes everybody regardless their level.


“We gonna have so much fun. Ladies will feel more confident, some of them will learn new tricks, let out our personality during freestyle circles and we gonna do a video during the whole week for sure.”  


about Anet

Anet is a professional dancer, lecturer, choreographer and the Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (FTVS) AlumNi.

The whole world knows the queen of Czech Twerk thanks to her femininity and energy; however, she specializes in Jamaican Dancehall as well.

Besides that, she is also a musical, film, and theatre productions, TV shows dancer as well as an on-tour dancer. She works with both Czech and international artists e.g. she participated in American Superstar Kanye West’s European Tour and in the great Karel Gott’s concerts.

Anet not only travels within the Czech Republic, but also abroad (Europe, The U.S.) where she judges the shows, performs, lectures the workshops, and creates the choreographies.

Anet’s dance style became popular and wanted all over the worlds mostly for its original combination of African origin Twerk and booty shake mixed with wild femininity which creates energetic choreographies that include elements from many dancing styles all the way from Jamaican Dancehall to Street Jazz which is thanks to Anet a real adventure. 

Early Bird until 30.06.

135 € / 115 € for motion*s members (contract members, professional card, teachers & staff)

after the Early Bird

155 € / 130 € for (contract members, professional card, teachers & staff)

single day tickets

35 € / 30 €for (contract members, professional card, teachers & staff) 

Anet Antosova
Dancehall & Twerk
Guest Teacher
Dancehall Twerk



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