Acrobatic Contemporary Summer Intensive mit Christoph Viol - motion*s

Acrobatic Contemporary Summer Intensive

Christoph Viol*****
  • Monday, 5. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Tuesday, 6. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Wednesday, 7. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Thursday, 8. August 201911:30‐13:30
  • Friday, 9. August 201911:30‐13:30
Contemporary Zeitgenössisch

This very physical Summer Intensive is aimed at all dancers who are interested in improving their acrobatic skills and incorporating these elements into a contemporary dance style.

The goal of this one week Workshop is the creation of a group dance piece.

Christopher starts the workshop with breath and energy exercises to release the mind and to create a common working atmosphere.

Followed by a creative warm-up, which trains the imagination and prepares our body.

Afterwards Christoph devotes himself to the acrobatic technique phase with the aim of dealing individually with the body in order to support everyone in his personal success.

At the end you will learn a choreography that brings together all the elements of the workshop and includes Christoph’s special feature of poetry.



Early Bird until June 30th

120 € / 100 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


after Early Bird

135 € / 110 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff


single days

33 € / 25 € for motion*s members, contract members, professional card, teachers & staff



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2) You can fill out the form below and wire us the money to our bank account to save your spot.
3) You can get your ticket online via Evenbrite.


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Christoph Viol
Acrobatic Contemporary
Regular Teacher
Akrobatik Contemporary floorwork Zeitgenössisch



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    Vogue Fem by Eray Gülay "Ray"
    Saturday, 7. December 201911:30 ‐ 13:30*****