Contemporary Floorwork

Orchidaceae Family*****
  • Sunday, 14. January 201817:30‐19:30
Contemporary floorwork


By PINY Orchidaceae from Lisbon, Portugal!

In this 2 hour long workshop Piny Orchidaceae, creative director of the Urban Tribal Fusion Dance Company “Orchidaceae Family“, will  provide several Techniques, Flow and Choreography!


25 € regular
20 € reduced price for members with a motion*s contract and professionals with our motion*s professional card

If you book the House-Workshop by Leo Orchidaceae as well on the same day you’ll get a free drink at our bar (Black-Forest Water 1l or a lemonade Proviant or Zisch)

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Who is Piny Orchidaceae

Piny is a dreamer, an art lover, a passionate and intense performer and a dedicated teacher with a special taste for challenges and breaking boundaries. Born in Lisbon she is a non-conventional performer always looking for new approaches and new understandings of movement. At 17 she finished a 3 years course in Drawing, followed by a year of Graphic Design, while she was finishing her BA in Architecture. Later she finished a post-graduation in Scenography and completed a BA in Contemporary Dance and Creation, while working as an Architect. During all this, she kept dancing. She did her first Bellydance class in 2000 but felt deeply in love with Hip Hop in 2003. In 2006, to express her love for breakdance, graffiti and vinyl records, she founded with her friends a female Hip Hop crew called ButterflieSoulflow. In 2009 she integrated the all styles Hip Hop crew Jukebox Project, where they develop work around Popping, Locking, New Style and Breakdance. With her crews she battles and performs. The passionate and relentless search for new approaches and new vocabularies, led her to travel on a national and international level to learn, listen and understand the different styles.

Her main areas of work are Breakdance, House Dance, Lofting, Waacking, Contemporary Dance and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, always as a research lifetime project. As a Contemporary dancer she has choreographed solo and group pieces shown in different national festivals, and has been working as a dancer for several choreographers. In 2012 she founded Orchidaceae Urban Tribal where the Hip Hop background meets Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. It’s a dream project just starting to grow.

Orchidaceae Family
Urban Tribal Belly Dance
Dance Company / Crew
Belly Dance Breakdance Contemporary Fusion Hip Hop Tribal Voguing Waacking

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