Chicago Footwork 3 Hours Intensive Workshop with King Charles - motion*s

Chicago Footwork Intensive Workshop

King Charles*****
  • Sunday, 22. October 201713:00 – 16:00
Footwork Urban Dance

Chicago Footwork Intensive Workshop with King Charles (US)

This will be the very first time of King Charles teaching in Berlin so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity! King Charles worked with numerous artists such as Madonna, Will I Am and Justin Bieber. Check his Teacher Profile for more infos.

“King Charles’ ‘Chicago’s Known Unknown’ was an immediate sensation. He not only moves his feet – in a series of changing ways – with an explosive alacrity that had the audience gasping, but he can also set them moving with different simultaneous impulses.”

There are only – 30 tickets – available so please register in advance and save money with our early bird tickets!
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What is Chicago Footwork?

Footworkis a genre of music and street dance that originated in Chicago during the 1990s.
The dance involves fast movement of the feet with accompanying twists and turns, and usually takes place as part of a “battle“.[3] The style was popularised outside Chicago by inclusion in the music video for Dude ‘n Nem‘s 2007 single “Watch My Feet”.[4]

The music style has evolved from the earlier, rapid rhythms of juke and ghetto house, a change pioneered by R.P. Boo.[3] It may draw from styles such as drum and bass, utilizing double-time clave triplets, syncopated toms and prominent sub-bass.[5] Tracks also frequently feature heavily syncopated samples from rap, pop, and other sources, and are often around 160 bpm.


Date / Time

22 October 2017
1 – 4pm


Early Bird: 35 Euro (until 22 September 2017)
General: 45 Euro (from 23 September 2017)
At the door: 50 Euro

Online Registration

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