Tribal Fusion Bellydance - Anatomy

Tribal Fusion Bellydance - Anatomy

Leila Matzke*****
  • Saturday, 28. December 201914:00‐16:00
Anatomy Bellydance Tribal Fusion Workout

Which muscles do you need for Tribal Fusion Bellydance? Let’s work it out!


To know which muscles to use when, could not only improve our bellydance technique tremendously but also protect us from common bellydance injuries like lower back and knee pain. In this workshops we will learn about the different muscle-groups which are the most important for us as bellydancers and also train to use them consciously in our technique and dance. Through understanding our anatomy we will connect our mind to our body.
We will practice Tribal Fusion Basics to deepen the new gained information about our body.

Get ready for a sweaty workout and an intensive technique training.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to deepen their understanding about their anatomy and incorporate a healthy, sustainable and conscious training into their dance.


Open Level



1 Workshop 18,- € / 15,- € contract members, dance & basis program, team
4 Workshop Intensive Pack 60,- €*50,- € contract members, dance & basis program, team

*In total there will be 7 Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workshops between December 27th and 30th. 3 workshops each for beginner and intermediate level as well as one workshop with open level that is very interesting and helpful for bellydancers of all levels.

Leila Matzke
Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Pilates, Yoga
Regular Teacher
Belly Dance Bellydance Pilates Tribal Fusion



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