Ballett Basics with Jo Siska- Beginner Level - Summer Intensive 2018 - motion*s

Ballett Basics for Beginners - Summer Intensive Week

  • Monday, 10. September 201812:00‐14:00
  • Tuesday, 11. September 201812:00‐14:00
  • Wednesday, 12. September 201812:00‐14:00
  • Thursday, 13. September 201812:00‐14:00
  • Friday, 14. September 201812:00‐14:00
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You always wanted to get a deeper insight in dance techniques? Or you need the final motivation to visit a ballet class and you might even think, it is too late now? Then you are just right in this five days long intensive Workshop. As Jo shows you that there is no „too late“ for getting known your own body and your own dance better. It is always possible to get on board. In this course there is enough time and patience to see what your body needs for different movement sequences. Which muscles and which parts of my body do I need to perform the movement in the correct and healthy way? Not only an answer to this question you will get in Jos beginners class.

Jo Siska considers anatomical as well as biomechanical aspects of every individual body. Therefore he includes alternative training elements such as somatic practices, yoga elements and for dancers specialized exercises from pilates.

Another important focus lies on the diversity of movement dynamics and movement quality. That’s why he also concentrates on the connection from musicality and movement.



German / English


2 hours a week for 5 days
€145 Regular

Discounts for members, professional card holders, employees/instructors:

€100 Early Bird until 24.08.2018 (4 weeks before the workshop starts)
€125 Regular

29€ Single Workshop Days

Special Price
If you take part in more than one of our Intensive Weeks, you will receive the second Intensive Week at the Early Bird price.



Please register at least 7 days before the beginning of the workshop.
If there are fewer than 10 registered participants, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop. To avoid this happening, we ask for a fixed registration in advance.

You can register and pay in the following ways:

1) Register and pay in cash at the studio’s reception
2) Register using our contact form below and pay via bank transfer
3) Book tickets online with Eventbrite (with an additional fee)

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