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Backbends & Balance

  • Sunday, 13. January 201914:00 – 16:00
Backbends Balance Flexibility Rückbeugen

“The Art of Mongolian Contorsion”

Backbends & Balance – Flexibility and Contorsion Workshop

with Cynn Davila


We are extremely excited to welcome Cynn Davila for two flexibility Workshops at our Studio!

WS1: Splits Intensive

11:30-1:30 pm

If you want to improve your leg and hips flexibility this workshop is a MUST! learn how to increase your leg elasticity for better splits or oversplits, In this session we will work on conditioning drills, hip openers, pasive stretches, excersices with chair, front and back leg flexibility excersices.



WS2: Backbends & Balance

2pm – 4 pm

This session will teach the proper and safe technique to stretch your back without forcing the body, we will work on the C shape of the back, this means we will work on neck, upper, middle and lower back flexibility, together with hips flexors and back conditioning drills for healthier backbends. This workshop includes intro to cheastands and forearm scorpion excersices. 



About Cynn

Certified Pole Dance Instructor, Showgirl and Flexibility coach in Paris. Growing up in Mexico, she began practicing Contemporary Dance where she got certified as a Dance Teacher. Sh moved to United States to expand her knowledge in Dance and Flexibility, she lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York where she studied under variety teachers like Issac Pena, David Owen, Talia Sutra, Nobutaka Mochimaru and others. After several years of flexibility experience, she create her own unique technique to help others increase their flexibility. Currently she’s training Contemporary Graham technique with Maggie Boggart in Paris.


1 Workshop 35 € / 30 € for motion*s contract members / professional card/ teachers / motion*s staff

2 Workshops 60 € / 55 € for motion*s contract members / professional card/ teachers / motion*s staff


Please register through our attached form or directly at our front desk.


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