Afro Dance Workshop with Lorenzo Premier - motion*s

Afro Dance

Lorenzo Premier*****
  • Sunday, 25. November 201817:00‐19:00
Afro Dance Germany
African Dance Live Music

Afro Dance Workshop with Lorenzo Premier

Music, dance and song are inseparable and are deeply rooted in the everyday consciousness of the people in Africa. You are going to learn different steps and choreographies with Lorenzo from Benin who is a professional dancer. It aims to achieve a relaxed pace, tension in the body, dynamically insert the weight of individual parts of the body, and unleash the joy of motion.
In my workshop, I would like to fill the music with movement and dance with much joy and energy, create a link which shows the diversity and only a small part of African dance. A little extra: We dance to live african music !




25,- €

20,- € for  motion*s contract members or with a Professional Card


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