Tanzlustbarkeit - motion*s


motion*s organizes club evenings for dance styles that have their origins in freer contexts.

t’s all about sharing and dancing, sessions and movement journeys, wonderful DJ sets and inspiration. Whether house, hip hop, funk, Amapiano, MicroTrip, we have great DJs – stay tuned!

Foyer motion*s Moritzplatz

On selected Saturdays from 10PM – 02AM

Fee 10,-
Also possible with Urban Sports, contract, program contract.

We want to offer the various dance and music styles a freer space in which they were created.

At the same time, we must and want to pay DJs fairly. We believe in the art form of the DJ, which is closely linked to dance styles. Therefore the entrance fee is calculated at 10,-

Come, Dance and Appreciate the dance and the music <3



This term was coined during the corona pandemic. It was the term for the ban on dancing.

Ultimately, a Tanzlustbarkeit is the moment to get up and dance in a café, bar or restaurant. The direct reference of motion*s to this term lies in the notification by the public order office, received in January 2021. During an inspection of the dance studio at the beginning of November 2020, employees of the public order office came across the classes of the basic program at motion*s on a Monday morning at 11 am.

Despite presenting written confirmation from the Senate of Berlin that the program was allowed to take place because it is a professional training course, the owner Stella Caric was reported to the police. Extensive correspondence and corresponding explanations and evidence were not enough for the office – in June 2021, the case went to trial.

This in turn was over in just a few minutes – the judge was satisfied with the written confirmation from the Senate immediately.

For the owner, Stella Caric, the months of the pandemic were exhausting due to the additional stress of the upcoming court hearing. The relief was great, as was the frowning and shaking of heads at the actions of the public order office.

Since then, the term TANZLUSTBARKEIT has become a buzzword in the motion* team, an insider that makes us all laugh.

That’s why we organize our club evenings under this term.