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Studio For Rent

Rent our studio outside of our regular class times for rehearsals, photo and videoshootings or workshops & seminars.


With a total area of ​​400sqm, the motion*s dance studio has two large, inviting halls that are bathed in pleasant light even on gray days thanks to a wide window front to the south side of the building. The professional equipment includes dance floors in both studio rooms, wide mirror surfaces, ballet bars, yoga & pilates materials and a high-quality sound system.

The studio offers space and opportunity to exchange experiences within the community of dancers.
In direct conversation at the reception or in the specially designed warm-up area with mirror, floor and ballet bar – our foyer is used to attune to the course, warm up and let the experience fade away after training and relax comfortably. stretch.


Commonly named “The wooden room”

Size 100sqm

Format 10 x 10 m, square

Floor sprung floor made of real wood parquet

South facing windows
Room can be darkened
Mirror surfaces can be closed with curtain
High quality sound system


Also commonly known as “the white room”

Size 100 qm

Format  16:9, Length 13,5 meter, Width 7,5 meter

Floor sprung floor with white professional dance carpet

South facing window front
Room can be darkened
Ballet bars
High quality sound system


In our foyer you can find a corner for warm-up, cool down and stretch before and after class. There is also multiple chairs and couches to sit around comfortably.

Fascia rolls / Black Roll
Massage Balls
FeetUp Trainer
Yoga Mats & Blocks


Are you interested in renting our studio? Use the adjacent form and write to us for what purpose and for how long you would like to rent one of our rooms and we would be happy to make you an offer. Before you make your request, we ask you to take a look at our course schedule and calendar to find out whether courses or workshops are taking place at your desired time. We can only rent our studio if the rooms are not used by us.

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