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flow dance - classical training for contemporary dancers

  • Wednesday, 25. September 201911:30 – 13:00
Klassischer Tanz Zeitgenössischer Tanz

Flow Dance Master Class – Classical Training for Contemporary Dancers


The dancer and choreographer Lourenço Homem is back from São Paulo Brazil where he trained different dance companies. He is now coming back to Berlin where he is looking to teach. We at motion*s are looking to check out Lourenços teaching concept and style in this 90 minute special class. We are curious aboit your feedback as well helping us answer the question if we shall give Lourenço a regular class at motion*s.

His Flow Dance is directed to contemporary dancers of at least intermediate level.


What is a special class or master class?

A master class or special class is an offer between a normal class and a workshop that doesn’t take place weekly. That’s why you will not find any master class in the general course schedule but under Events & Workshops overview. Master classes are addressed to experienced dancers, so you should be at a intermediate level at least. Furthermore master classes usually contain a certain focus what gives the opportunity to learn and work on skills much more intense than in a regular class. You can take part with your motion*s contract, as well as by buying a single class ticket or you can use your ticket of 5 or 10 classes.

A special Class is pretty much the same thing.