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Booty Therapy

Maimouna Rainbow Coulibaly*****
  • Sunday, 21. October 20184:00‐5:30
Bootyshake Dancehall Ragga Twerk

Booty Therapy Special Class

Come and try Booty Therapy Workshop and dance classes led by her inventor and choreographer Maïmouna.

After 22 years of experience as a teacher in France and countries of the world, she is now also in Berlin.

BOOTY THERAPY is a concept that embodies a lot of power and humor.

It’s about “shaking your hips so we can accept our sensuality”

With Afro-urban dance routines such as Coupé Décalé, Kuduro, Ragga Dancehall, N’Dombolo, Naïja and more Booty Therapy helps you to get rid of all your worries.

The BOOTY THERAPY is more than a concept, it is passion and life.

Do you feel depressed? Do you want to change something? Do you have a big butt and do not know how to move it? Do you have a little butt and want to feel your sensuality?

Then BOOTY THERAPY is exactly what you need!

The Benefits of Booty Therapy

Loosens the hip Discovery of your sensuality


Good mood

Positive atmosphere

Positive energy

Liberation of your emotions

Course for all bodies Tightening

the body Improves coordination

Improves your sense of rhythm

cardio training

Improves your health

Free yourself from complexes

Course without judgment


Booty Therapy on YouTube


price: 12 € single ticket, stamp on your motions card or a motions contract

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