Open Stage * - motion*s

The motion*s would like to give all stage enthusiasts the opportunity to be on stage and show their work on a regular basis. At the same time we invite choreographer friends to perform excerpts of their work. Our Open Stage takes place twice a year, usually in mid-January and mid-July.

All courses are invited to show their material they are working on – but there is no obligation – the Open Stage is a voluntary offer.
We are aware that for some people dance is important for the inner self – a stage presentation is not necessary. Likewise, we know that for many, the stage is the attraction par excellence and they like to be proudly presented here. Both are very understandable motivations to dance and we give them all space and opportunity.

The classes are always taught in such a way that you can have fun even when you are not performing – a separate rehearsal allows for optimal preparation. Choreographies that are rehearsed are explained until the end before the Open Stage so that even as a non-performer you can continue to have fun until the end.

Next Dates

Next OPEN STAGE will be on the 02. & 03. December 2024

Where: Saal der Alten Feuerwache, Axel-Springer-Str. 40/41


We ask that each family of the performing children initially purchase only up to 2 tickets for the Teens Open Stage. This is the only way we can ensure that relatives of each child can watch. If there are still tickets left shortly before the performance, you are welcome to add more tickets. Otherwise the performance will be filmed and there will be the possibility to get the recordings afterwards.

Siblings of the children performing do not need a ticket and can watch for free! 🙂



Are you dancing in one of our motion*s classes  at Open Stage No 15?
Great! Then please add your name to the list here!

Bisherige Termine

Open Stage No 13 – 26. & 27. November 2022
Open Stage No 11 – 04. & 05. May 2019 – Bilder & Videos
Open Stage No 10 – 24. June 2018 – Bilder & Videos
Kinder Open Stage und Faschingsparty in February 2018
Open Stage No 9 – July 2017 – Bilder & Videos
Open Stage No 8 – January 2017 – Bilder & Videos
Open Stage No 7 – July 2016 – Videos & Bilder
Open Stage No 6 – January 2016 – Videos
Open Stage No 5 – July 2015
Open Stage No 4 – January 2015

Since video is the medium for dance, the Open Stages will be filmed and put on Youtube for all our enjoyment!
TAK Theater im Aufbauhaus



For the Open Stage presentations we go to our neighborhood – to the TAK Theater at our Aufbau Haus or to the Bühnenkunstschule Academy in the old fire station in Axel-Springer-Straße / Oranienstraße, also just a few minutes walk from motion*s.