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BIG NEWS! motion*s gets a second location - at GLEISDREIECK!

“We are taking over the rooms of the dancing school X-Step! The previous operators of X-Step, Jenny and Holger, called me in January and told me that they wanted to fulfill their life’s dreams and go on a journey. They want the their dance school to continue and to be filled with heart and soul and, above all, with a lot of movement, and asked me if I could imagine to take over the location. That means: From August on you can dance at two locations, not only at motion*s am MORITZPLATZ, but also at motion*s am GLEISDREIECK! – Stella Caric, Founder & Management of the dance studio motion*s Berlin

motion*s am MORITZPLATZ

… can be found in the heart of Berlin, directly in the backyard of the Aufbau Haus close to the subway station Moritzplatz. Our address is Prinzenstraße 85 Aufgang B1, 10969 Berlin, the entrance is via Oranienstraße. You can reach us easily with the public transportation of the BVG. Take the Subways-U8, Bus-248 and Bus-M29 to Moritzplatz Also from the subway station Prinzenstraße (U1/U3) it is only a short walk to us.

Mini Map motion

The entrance to the studio is somewhat hidden in the large Oranienhof of the Aufbauhaus. Even though our address is Prinzenstraße 85, the entrance to our studio is best reached from Oranienstraße, left from DENN’S Biomarkt down the path into the courtyard. On the right you will find the staircase B1. Take the elevator to the 1st floor and through the magic door directly into your new favorite dance studio.

motion*s am GLEISDREIECK

… you can visit from 25th of September 2023. It is located at Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin, in the 2nd backyard on the 5th floor. Our new studio is about 3 – 5 minutes walk from the surrounding bus stops. By public transport you can get to U-Gleisdreieck, U-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park or U-Möckernbrücke as well as by bus M29 to Schöneberger Brücke.

Mini Map motion*s am GLEISDREIECK

The entrance to the studio is located in the 2nd backyard of Temepelhofer Ufer 36. On the 5th floor you will find our reception.

Our courses are partly timed so that it is possible to take a course from one studio to the next. Check out our course calendar with both Studios included or download the NEW SCHEDULE of motion*s GLEISDREIECK here.

By bike you will take 10 minutes from door to door. Bus and train takes up to 25 minutes.

Verbindungen zwischen den Studios

Karte der zwei Standorte
Verbindung Fahrrad
Verbindung M29 Berlin
Verbindung U1