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Lyrical Contemporary

Mit Nuria
Samstags 17:30 ‐ 19:00
*****Offenes Level
Contemporary Lyrical Zeitgenössisch

Nuria’s class combines different styles of dancing. In the warm-up as well as in the choreography several elements from urban, jazz and contemporary create a fusion of an own dynamic moving language. In the beginning your body will be warmed up, strengthened and stretched with exercises in the stand and on the floor. Endurance, coordination and movement flow will be trained by exercises through the room and across the floor. A big part of the lesson will be filled with learning and dancing an unique choreography.

For the choreography part it is important that there will be enough time to dance it out several times. The movements belong to different dancing styles but all of them are based on a sensual, intense and musical inspiration. Their intensity goes from soft up to very powerful.

Nuria focusses on every single dancer so that everyone can explore his own movement language, work on weaknesses, see strengths and find his own style.

Regular Teacher
Urban Dance Zeitgenössisch

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