Yoga Pilates

By Maria Rose
summer break - Restart Sept 6th
Thursday 09:00 ‐ 10:30
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Yoga Pilates

“Ever since I started Yoga Pilates, I have become more aware of my body: I ​sit, stand, move and consciously walk through my everyday life. I have strengthened my body awareness, developed my muscular ability and improved my mobility. I would like to share this experience through Yoga Pilates. Come by for a trial lesson and bring someone with you! “


What does Pilates do? – “We get stronger!”

Pilates works the deep muscles while training conscious breathing and the interaction of the muscles. Particular attention is paid to optimizing alignment and elongating the spine–the centre of our body–in relation to the three power centres: pelvic, abdominal and shoulder muscles.


Why Yoga AND Pilates? “Yoga and Pilates compliment each other”

I combine Pilates with exercises from Hatha Yoga. Pilates creates mobility and strength–a harmonious interaction of muscles and a prerequisite for practising yoga. Yoga intensifies this by engaging the three centres of power, increasing flexibility and building muscle.


Why is Yoga Pilates important?

With breathing and physical exercises, we strengthen the muscles and relieve tension. Here, the focus is on the quality of the movement, which trains our body awareness. The breathing exercises and the manual therapy, which is based on the Alexander technique, promote muscular and mental relaxation at the end of the training.

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If the class description above doesn't say otherwise, all of our classes are open drop in classes. That means you don't need to register for this class in advance. Just be at the studio about 15 minutes prior to the start time and sign in for the class at the front desk. More questions you might have you'll find answers to in our FAQ.

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