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Waacking Fusion

Mit Raha Nejad
Dienstags 18:30 ‐ 20:00
Fusion Urban Waacking

The waacking class of Raha is marked by a mix of urban styles that are extended with waacking elements.

Basics and techniques are part of the warmup, across the floor exercises allow longer motion sequences and walks.

Different rhythms of urban styles gives you a wide range of creative experiences and expressing yourself. So there can be played every kind of music, from seventies up to pop music and charts.

Musicality is very important in this class and its choreographies can be challenging.

Therefor Raha’s class is not suitable for beginners who are not confident in moving. However, the class is open for everybody with moving experience and dancers are more than welcomed to interact with each other in the class.


Kursbild Whaacking Raha Nejad
Raha Nejad
Regular Teacher
Hip Hop Streetdance Voguing Waacking

What is Waacking?

Waacking rose just as Voguing in the black LGBT community and as freestyle dance in the clubs of the 70ties.
Waack Dance comes from Los Angeles, not from New York where the big Voguing scene comes frome. The dream factory Hollywood and especially the musicals had an big effect on the endurance and the forming of Waacking as a new dance style. Examples were glamorous film stars such as Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich.
Moreover there are some parallels zu vogueing movements: Waacking stands for the accentuated arm moves to the beat. Posing and footwork elements are part of it, as well. This club dance style is danced on disco and funk music but the movements occur nowadays also in modern hip hop or pop choreographies.

Anything goes and flows!

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