030 69004201

Im Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz, 10969 Berlin


Jam Session Voguing

Mit Miro aka Zero Melody
3€/ Person
Mittwochs 21:30 ‐ 23:00
*****Offenes Level
House Voguing Whaacking
Directly after the Vogue Fem class for intermediate dancers, Zero Melody will host the weekly vogue session and he will be also there to help or answer questions.


Training in the Studio!
Gossiping stays outside!!!

Music and Styles:

We play only house and voguing beats, because it is a Voguing Session. But you are welcome to use the Room as a practice space, because u can dance almost every dance style on this Music.


It is about exercise, dancing together, to get to know and exchanging views, to develop, unfold, and ultimately to a community.
!!!With each other – not against each other!!!
Miro aka Zero Melody
Tänzer und Dozent für Voguing
Regular Teacher
Runway Vogu Fem Voguing

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