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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Mit Stine Lethan
Donnerstags 10:30 ‐ 12:00
*****Offenes Level
Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Stine Lethan is yoga teacher with all of her heart. Her Vinyasa Flow yoga style is transformative, deep and powerful with a meditative effect. Full of passion she takes her students to a journey in their inner universe. Organic and harmoniously concerted flow sequences that are put into an essential topic and combined with music and a special atmosphere make her class to a “work-in”.

Her talent is to touch and to feel her students. Therefor she is very sensitive for the single moments that are occur during her practice. She knows how to detect blockades and how to solve them.

Kurs vinyasa-flow-yoga mit Stine Lethan im Tanzstudio motion*s Berlin
Stine Lethan
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Regular Teacher
Yoga Zeitgenössisch

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