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Urban Hip Hop

Mit Gunnar Laatsch
Sonntags 16:00 ‐ 17:30
Hip Hop Urban Dance

First there will be a good warmup and stretching that is base of all kind of sports and dances. Gunnar focusses on teaching all elements you need for dancing. He begins with different exercises for rhythm and flow on groovy hip hop music. That gives you an idea of the feeling for urban styles. This also forms the base to learn different steps afterwards. In the choreography that takes around one third of the lesson Gunnar lets his students explore different styles of urban so that everybody can find his own style.

Putting it briefly, Gunnar wants to introduce his students to the world of urban dance. With lots of passion and fun!

Gunnar Hip Hop (Mo)
Gunnar Laatsch
Dozent für Hip Hop und House
Regular Teacher
Hip Hop House Urban Dance

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