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Urban Contemporay

Mit Kooné
Freitags 12:00 ‐ 13:30
Breakdance Contemporary Urban Dance Zeitgenössisch

This urban class by Kooné is for professional dancers who want to broaden one’s (dancing) mind and who wants to include the need and the beauty of urban dance techniques in their repertoire. But also for urban dancers with interest in contemporary dance theatre can profit from Kooné’s lessons.

The class contains very physical elements, rhythm elements, a lot of floor work, isolations and groove. There is a warmup of 30 minutes with fitness and body building elements. Afterwards the focus lies on technique by choreographic elements, play time, playful handling with topics and concepts.

What is special about the class is Kooné’s experience in the world wide dance theatre spectrum working together with great dance companies. His professionalism connects high level urban dance with contemporary dance. This creates a mixture from which contemporary as well as urban dancers can profit.

The class is followed by the OpenSource Session at 13:30.

Denis Kuhnert
urban, zeitgenössisch
Regular Teacher
Breakdance Contemporary Profitraining Urban Dance Zeitgenössisch

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